Some Sad News for Our Shipmates from RADM Jack Natter:

Received a call from Evelyn Brown, wife of Master Chief Roy Brown, MMCM, of Hopewell fame, 62-65, stating that Roy passed away yesterday. Wanted Hopewell Sailors to know.
Request you pass to others via Hopewell web site.


As I told Jack, Chief Brown was one of my favorites when we were Ensigns on Hopewell.  He taught me a whole lot about being a good Supply Officer and shipmate.

Hug a Veteran Today! 

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee, will be here before we know it. Plan NOW to attend.

Next Reunion: Chattanooga, Tennessee, Oct. 6 - 10, 2014....start planning now and be there.

Just to start your juices flowing about Chattanooga:Spread the word...get the guys out.

OK, now to Galveston and a Wonderful and everything.

Photo of the group from Dave Gurvich...bus drive took it...Dave is in front row with cane and beard.

Another Dave Gurvich picture, he is at the far end of the table in Queen's BBQ.  Waiter took the picture.

PLEASE note the Picture Galleries tab above.  I am going to add a whole lot more as I get them...some even older stuff.

Please keep our shipmate, Brad Mills, in San Diego, in your thoughts and prayers.  He is battling advanced bladder cancer  and needs our love and support.  If you have his email, communicate with him. Go to BRAD to see his current status!!! :)

I Was A Sailor Once Writing by By VADM. Harold Koenig, U.S.N. Ret...I missed adding this, but he wrote it and we all agree! this is something all of us can relate to:  click to view a PDF version you can download or print.  Or WORD to view an MSWord Doc copy you can also download or print.


USS HOPEWELL DD681 Reunion 2012 in Galveston Texas at the Holiday Inn Resort: Was GREAT FUN!  Thank you Ken Davis, Ken Rigsby and TJ Peretti.


For all of you OLD timers, Jack Williams has requested information regarding the Hopewell from the time of the battle of Leyte Gulf..Click LEYTE


PLEASE UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION INCLUDING Name, Years on Hopewell, spouse name, phone number, email address and mailing address   TO KEN DAVIS email

We will have more pictures on this site as they come into me.

Meanwhile:  Read Don Hansen's poem written in HERE  The Hopewell Lament when things weren't going well for the is a PDF file and can be downloaded and/or printed.  Thanks Don.

Watch this site for more information, pictures and good stuff....see also CLICK